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Office OMR is the leading Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Windows based forms-processing software packages for surveys and test. The software recognizes optical marks (bubbles and checkboxes), computer-generated characters (OCR) and barcodes. You can design your own forms using any word processor and print them on your printer. Then use Remark Office OMR to scan and recognize data with your image scanner analyze the data in the software or export the data to the application of your choice! It’s that easy!

Use your own tests, surveys and other plain paper OMR forms
 - Stop buying expensive preprinted OMR forms
Use an image scanner or multi-function device to scan your forms
 - No need for expensive single use hardware
Respondents can fill out your forms with pen, pencils, markers, etc…
 - Throw away your #2 pencils
Advanced test grading reports and options
 - Student reports, demographic comparison reports, standards based achievement, multiple answer keys and more.
Advanced survey reports and statistics
 - Survey statistics and item analysis reports, demographic comparisons, advanced auto filtering and reporting and more.


HARDWARE - The first basic difference is the hardware used. Whereas OFFICE OMR can work with common image scanners, CLASSIC OMR works with just specialized scanners.
OFFICE OMR also work with MFD’s (Multi-Functional Devices), so that the device used to print the exam questions and answer scripts is also used as the scanner and eventually used to print the final result of the test/exam, if need be.

FLEXIBILITY -With OFFICE OMR, you can design your own forms using common word processing software such as Microsoft word, Page Maker , etc, and you do not need stock OMR sheets ahead of a test or exam. Depending on the capacity of the printer and the number of candidates for an exam, your OMR sheets can all be printed a few hours to the commencement of the test or exam. There is also no need to print more then would be required. You print as demanded.
With CLASSIC OMR, pre-defined forms have to be purchased ahead of time at an astronomic cost compared with the extremely cheap OFFICE OMR form.

CUSTOMIZATION - OFFICE OMR offers the ability to customize your forms as you deem fit. It is possible to design and customize forms for each candidate sitting for the exam or test, such that each candidates has his/her name and matric number pre-printed on the form and all that he /she has to do is to concentrate on the question for exam.
With CLASSIC OMR, students are required to fill these data themselves which they sometimes fail to do properly, leading to unnecessary cancellations of results.

PROCESS CONROL - With OFFICE OMR, every stage of result processing is within the control of the user, thus eradicating the cancellation of result(s) because of missing information.

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