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Xerox Facility Management provides facilities management to customers for the provision and management of document-based services that support their core business activities. Xerox pioneered the document management outsourcing market in Nigeria with a Facilities Management solution in 1996 to complement the three main reprographic services offered in Nigeria by Xerox.   

Ever since, there is a growing demand for facilities Management generally as companies are increasingly focusing their personnel and capital resources on their core business activities.

This growth is being fuelled by customers need to:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity;
  • Ensure maximum resources and asset utilization;
  • Provide security for their document.

Some of the account that has benefited from Xerox FM services in the past includes but not limited to: NAL Merchant Bank Plc, Gulf Bank of Nigeria Plc, Shell Petroleum Development Company, Halliburton Energy Services, Parker Drilling, Cotecna Inspection International, Schlumberger Nigeria Limited.

In addition to the above, Xerox currently have FM contract with African Development Bank, Techint Cimmimontumbi Nigeria Limited.  

FM Operations

Xerox facilities management offers customers: a contract print service whereby Xerox will provide equipment, paper, consumables, staff, and manages both on or off site reprographic facility tailored to the customer needs.


As the manufacturer of the largest range of reprographic equipment in the world, Xerox Facility Management will select, install and maintain specific equipment with appropriate features that matches customer requirements. 


Xerox also takes responsibility for staffing the service by providing professional hands that are trained on document handling. Absences through holidays, sickness or other reason are automatically covered by Xerox trained staff, again ensuring customer satisfaction all year round.


Customers pay a single invoice based on an agreed monthly minimum copy volume at a cost per copy. The agreed monthly minimum copy volume does not change regardless of whether the minimum volume is achieved or not.  

Quality of Service 

Quality of service is a major concern in Xerox Facilities Management. Xerox facility Management offers a number of quality services guaranteed by Xerox excellent benchmark services based on global standards. Hence, customer satisfaction in our No 1 priority.

Today, more and more companies are finding outsourcing to be a strategic tool for more effective management. Because it lets you concentrate on your core business, and concentrate your human, technological and financial resources in areas that can immediately improve your business. 

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