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Extraordinary Value

Xerox DocuShare offers significant productivity and operational opportunities from the very first day of installation.
Scalability: DocuShare easily scales from ten to thousands of users into every part of the enterprise and has been performance-tested to 20 million documents per server.

Extensibility: Organizations can rapidly extend Docushare’s core document management features by leveraging its built-in advanced capabilities and seamless integration to hardware and applications.

High performance: DocuShare  offers production quality imaging performance to process more than 350 images per minute, and promotes overall productivity by optimizing information access, use and re-use quickly and easily.

Flexibility: DocuShare can be customized to support a variety of industry and line-of-business applications, and can leverage existing authentication, database, storage and e-mail infrastructures to support a wide variety of deployment configurations.

Ease of use: DocuShare continues to lead the industry in ease of use, administration, acquisition and deployment. Subsequent installations, upgrades, changes to user levels, or customizations can be quickly implemented with minimal IT resources required.

Personal productivity: Docushare’s Web-based interfaced empowers knowledge workers by supportin ad hoc collaborative and basic workflows within daily business activities, offers faster access to key information and work processes from any location at any time.

Meeting the needs of Enterprise Content Management
The Xerox DocuShare family of products offers turnkey solutions that flexibility scale to meet the varied challenges of Enterprise Content Management – all on a single platform.

Content and Process Management
•    Document-centric workflow
•    Team collaboration and workspaces
•    XML component management
•    Production imaging and document capture
•    Activity history reporting
•    Integration with information systems

Document and Image Management
•    Document storage and retrieval
•    Basic routing and approval
•    Ad hoc scanning
•    Version management
•    Security, access control
•    Blogs, wikis, and e-mail integration
•    Simplicity and ease of use
•    Web browser access

Content Management Platform
•    Supports multiple operating systems and IT environments
•    Security, activity tracking, user management
•    Search database and workflow engine integration
•    API and integration toolkit

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